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Cherise Rivera


Certified Groomer & Pet Hygienist

Animal CPR Certified

Thank you for considering Tranquil Trims as your mobile grooming service for your best friend! My name is Cherise- owner of Tranquil Trims. I started working with animals when I was young- growing up on our farm and working alongside my Mom with our family pet-sitting business. I became a groomer in 2008 with the vision of one day having my own grooming business. For the last 9 years, I have worked in every type of grooming facility- corporate shops, small shops, and mobile. In every place I have groomed, there seemed to be a fair amount of certain dogs who had a fear, hesitation, or aggressive nature towards grooming. In speaking with their owners it was always the same- a past negative or traumatic grooming experience. Why was this happening to our best friends? I wanted to be different- not only bringing a more positive environment to puppies first grooms and senior dogs- but to help change those who were unsure, afraid and/or traumatized. 


I began to work with these dogs in my own style of what I call "grooming rehab". I started to understand the importance of grooming- how a continued positive experience improves a dogs quality of life and interaction with their owners. I educate dog parents on what they can do in between grooms- working hand-in-hand with them to successfully rehab their dog or teach their puppy to begin trusting the grooming process.

Throughout my experience I have learned that some dogs will always be nervous about grooming. The initial "shakes" or "hiding from the groomer" may always be a factor in some cases and that's ok. We bring a consistent, calm environment to your pet every time. Having the same groomer and bather each visit makes a world of difference for your pet's trust and well-being. This is Tranquil Trims promise. As our beloved companions, don't they deserve the finest quality care obtainable just as we would seek for ourselves?

Mary Rivera

Grooming Asst/Bather

Animal CPR Certified

Dog Massage

Hello! Pleased to meet you, I am “Mary”.  Proud to be part of a mother/daughter grooming team,  the first of its kind to offer a unique “grooming rehab” experience for your precious companions. 


Owner and creator of my own pet/house sitting business (*Pals & Palaces) for 15 + years, certified Herbalist & Iridologist, self-taught dog massage, certified in animal CPR by the highly acclaimed “Arden Moore”, I happily assist my daughter with her new business  “Tranquil Trims” as the 

Grooming Assistant/Bather. Several hours of supervised training under  a licensed groomer have taught me the proper bathing/sanitation techniques required of an assistant. I feel confident that I am able to provide your pet with the most gentle, loving and relaxing bath they have ever had!  Through the use of earth friendly organic products, a touch of aromatherapy, a no-rush atmosphere and lots of hands-on positive energy we create a relaxed, calm grooming experience your pet will come to trust and enjoy. 


I have cared for and handled just about every type of pet you can imagine, from slithery snakes to barnyard buddies. My children grew up working alongside me and developed a strong sense of responsibility, love and appreciation for all living things.


One thing I have learned from my many years of experience, is that “respect” for all life forms is communicated in a silent but definite manner. Animals understand your intent, sense your emotions and respond accordingly. We are all animal “whisperers” if we would only stop and listen.

Thank you for trusting your beloved companions to our care. Rest assured that you will not be disappointed!

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