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What Is Grooming Rehab?

We know that visits to a grooming salon where your pets are kept in cages until it is their turn is an extremely stressful situation. Your pet may be handled by a different groomer each time they visit. As with everything in life, there are good groomers and not-so-good groomers. Your pet may have experienced nicks, cuts, careless and/or rough handling etc., which is extremely traumatic, resulting in negative and fearful memories of the grooming experience.


Tranquil Trims is the first mobile grooming salon of its kind to coin the term "Grooming Rehabilitation".  It is exactly as it sounds.  Through gradual and gentle actions performed by the same caring person on a repeated basis, we slowly restore your pet's trust in the procedure all-together.  We are never in a hurry, nor do we need to rush to our next client. One-on-one with your pet is our only concern.  We take the time to notice what your pet fears, when he displays anxiety and what parts of the procedure he seems sensitive to. We never "force" an animal but gently ease him into the necessary bath, clip etc. through a reassuring atmosphere and a positive environment. In time, your pet will come to understand that we are there to help them feel better, never to hurt them.. They will regain trust in their handler and maybe even look forward to the gentle touch, relaxing massage and positive energy that we share when together.

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